Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tookit is growing!

Dig those oars into the water; Girl we are navigating this Web 2.0 world!

Where I have been today: Twitter, RSS feeds, Google Reader, Wikis, Ning, Delicious and the Google Apps (um secret world of awesomeness). Are you still with me; Am I still with me?

By accessing the tools, listed above, with a School Librarian mindset, the scope of my personal learning network is finely tuned to the world of School Librarianship. I am energized by the learning-curve challenge these tools pose for me! Specifically my search is focusing on specific lesson plans where school librarians have incorporated specific Google Apps in the SMC. Anyone interested in sharing lesson plans which, by incorporating a Google app, meet information literacy standards and NYS content standards?

I am buzzing on this grid!

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